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Why Is The Best Company to Partner With? We are proud to truly be committed to you!!!

  • You receive each Allied Therapy Healthcare Travelers application instantaneously*
  • The “leads” you receive (completed applications)  are Highly targeted – Only Allied Healthcare workers looking to travel will be coming to this site*
  • Minimize the Time your Recruiters Spend on Each Prospect, Worker’s credentials/experience will be known before your recruiter contacts them. We offer multiple file options for delivery. This allows fast response for your recruiters.*

* You receive a thorough application from each allied healthcare traveler, and when you receive a lead from we give the applicant the choice to who they submit to, that way you know they intended to send to your agency  !!!!! We are the ONLY agency in our Industry that does not control leads!!!

  • Our Comprehensive application eliminates unqualified respondents, all though we can not control who fills out our application, each application is screened by our quality assurance team.* 

* Travel candidates have the opportunity to learn about you before applying. Sponsorship receive free advertising with your company’s Logo’s listed on our home page, and partners link, that will link directly back to your webpage. Based on our Applicants wish list and your set up, Our Dynamic system will fit the applicants profile to the best agencies. Again, your agency will be listed at the end of the application and that is when the applicant can make their choices.

* Our Quality Leads are Targeted, Qualified, Exclusive and Efficient !! Our process turns into an Immediate Placement !! O and NO CONTRACTS …. We are performance based, and we are confident with what we are providing you!

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