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If you are an Allied Healthcare worker interested in traveling to different areas to work, then this is the site for you. caters only to Allied Healthcare Workers interested in travel healthcare.

We are NOT a travel company, agency, or a subsidiary of anyone. We’re merely a gateway for you to reach the best Allied Healthcare Travel Companies. With one simple application, you get put in front the top Travel Healthcare Companies of your choice, at no cost to you, ever.

Here are the steps:

1. Research which companies you would prefer: You’ll notice our online application form provides information and links to all of our current partners. You can click to be taken directly to their Web sites. This way you can do your research, and decide which ones you’d like to apply to.

2. Complete your application: The application is simple and intuitive. You can check off which companies you want the application to go to (just the one application does it all.) Again, we’d like to stress that this is a free service for you! There are no hidden charges. It costs you nothing to apply; it costs you nothing when you get the job. Nothing out of your pocket, ever. Lastly, your information and application only go the companies YOU choose.

3. Talk to your recruiter about assignment details: Each of the traveling allied healthcare companies that you apply to will review your information, and most will have their recruiter contact you. This is the time to get a feel for the type of assignments available, and for you to let the company know what it is you want (location, pay, benefits, length of assignment, etc.)

4. Choose your assignment: Once you’ve decided on the perfect assignment, the recruiter will arrange for you to speak with the hiring manager at that health facility. During the telephone interview, you’ll be asked questions about your skills and experience. Your recruiter can help you prepare for the interview, so you’ll have the best chance of getting the assignment of your choice.

5. Pack your bags and get ready for your new adventure in healthcare travel!

Take Your Talents Nationwide!

There is nothing more important than doing what you love in the place you want to be. Make the most of your opportunity to make a difference in a community that you love!

If you have any specific questions about our allied healthcare travel jobs or traveling therapy jobs, click here to contact us.