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Wages & Benefits

Allied Healthcare Travel has many benefits, including seeing other areas of the country, meeting new people, and experiencing the excitement of Travel Healthcare.

But not to be left behind, the pay and benefits for Allied Travel Healthcare Professionals ranks amongst the best in the industry. In fact, it is not uncommon for an Allied Travel Healthcare Professional to make more than his or her counterparts in full-time, permanent positions.

Couple this with the excitement of travel, and it becomes easy to see why many choose to go this route.

Here are some of the top reasons we hear from Allied Healthcare Travel Workers:

As stated above, your pay will likely be higher than many who have comparable permanent full-time positions. Of course, your pay will depend on your Allied healthcare specialty, experience, and other factors. But in general terms, the pay rates are very aggressive.

To make things simple, most Allied Travel Healthcare Companies utilize direct deposit. This means you can still use your hometown bank if you wish.

Almost all of your travel expenses / mileage are paid and/or reimbursed. The amounts vary, but suffice to say, it’s nice to actually get paid to travel. Some Traveling Allied Healthcare Workers actually come out ahead in travel monies (which is fine).

Most of the Allied Healthcare Travel Companies offer excellent medical coverage, usually at minimal or no cost to you.

Almost all of the traveling allied healthcare companies offer 401(k) retirement benefits. Some of these even offer you instant eligibility, which is a big plus.

Continuing education is critical to a career in Allied Healthcare. In this regard, most of our travel healthcare companies offer reduced cost or free continuing education credits. Even when you�re between assignments, you can often take courses at a discount. This is a big plus in building your resume.

And not just any old free housing, but deluxe accommodations. Modern, clean, comfortable, spacious. Only the best. And it’s all taken care of – rent, heating, lights. Just move in.

In addition, the free housing means you can save the money that others would have to pay towards rent, utilities, and such. Combined with the higher-than-average-pay, and you can begin to see how lucrative Allied Travel Healthcare can be.

Most companies have incentive programs to encourage you to keep accepting assignments from them. These programs can include cash bonuses, vacations, and/or special discounts for things you need or regular-use items (like luggage, gym memberships, cell phones, etc). Plus, you may also receive sign-on or assignment-completion bonuses!

Also, many will pay you to refer a friend. Ask for specific details.

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