- Treating Allied Healthcare Professionals Like VIPs - Treating Allied Healthcare Professionals Like VIPs

List your Allied Travel Agency with us and turn the process of finding Allied Healthcare Professionals around:

Instead of your company advertising for Allied Healthcare Travelers, the Allied Healthcare Travelers come here to find you. It reverses the process, and saves you time and money, while also providing you with better leads.

"I wanted to take the time to tell you how much my staff has appreciated you and your company. In our travel meeting last week they mentioned RNVip and AlliedVip are the best things going for their departments in recruiting. The one thing they emphasized was how easy you are to work with - very customer service oriented!

Thanks for always taking good care of us and making it easy to do business!"

Best Regards,
Denise G. Burnett, RN, BSN
O.R. Nurses, Inc.

Why is the easy and cost-effective solution
  • Free registration for your agency, and a free site link
  • No service fees—you pay only for each completed application
  • You receive each allied healthcare worker’s application almost instantaneously
  • The "leads" you receive (completed applications) are summarized on a monthly statement
  • Highly targeted – Only Allied Healthcare workers looking to travel will be coming to this site
  • No unqualified leads – all leads want you to contact them
Minimize the Time Your Recruiters Spend on Each Prospect
  • You receive a thorough application from each allied healthcare worker
  • Worker’s credentials/experience will be known before your recruiter contacts them
  • Recruiting process is cut in half - you work only with solid, qualified leads
Get More Qualified Candidates for Less Money
  • Cost is per lead — no worries about response rates; no contracts to sign.
    You pay only for results.
  • Comprehensive application eliminates unqualified respondents
  • Only allied healthcare workers who are seriously interested in traveling will apply
  • Travel candidates have the opportunity to learn about you before applying
  • Leads you receive are either exclusive or shared only with other
For a moment, think about how your company currently finds qualified Allied Healthcare Personnel…
Placing an ad in a trade journal?
  • Expensive & time-limited (your ad is “one and done”)
  • Competes with many other ads; your ad might not be seen, nor may the person
    be ready to act when seeing it
  • No guarantee of success; ad costs the same regardless
Cold-Calling from a List or Using Direct Mail
  • Time consuming
  • Quality, current mailing lists can be expensive and very hard to find
  • Low response rates – you may also “turn off” prospective clients
  • Good direct mail packages are costly to design, print, & distribute
Register with
  • ??? (Truth be told, there are none.)
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